Doctor Who BBC Books: PRIME TIME - 7th Doctor

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Doctor Who BBC Books: PRIME TIME - 7th Doctor


'Coming up after the break, the start of a new series of programmes featuring the mysterious traveller in Time and Space known only as...The Doctor.'

While on their travels, The Doctor and Ace detect a mysterious sub-space signal in the Time Vortex and decide to investigate. They soon find themselves on the agricultural planet Blinni-Gaar, where they discover that the population has become dangerously dependent on the programmes of the powerful TV station, Channel 400.

Why is the Director-General of Channel 400 so interested in the Doctor? Who are the mysterious aliens who watch from the shadows of the Brago nebula? Why is a pack of Zzinbriizi Jackals stalking the streets of Blinni-Gaar?

As the Doctor is drawn deeper and deeper into a complex web of intrigue and deceit he discovers that he has an unexpected ally — of the most dangerous kind.