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Doctor Who: 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) Stories: 13B Box Set - METAMORPHOSIS - A Big Finish Audio Drama

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Doctor Who: 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) Stories: 13B Box Set - METAMORPHOSIS -  A Big Finish Audio Drama
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From the recent past to the far future, the Doctor, Harry and Naomi find themselves battling foes old and new. From the malevolence of the Master to the traps of the Toymaker, danger lurks round every corner... and sometimes in the last shape you'd expect...

13.3 Matryoshka by Aurora Fearnley (2 parts)
When a strange force drags the TARDIS to Earth, it's clear that the Doctor, Harry and Naomi are up against an incredibly powerful being. And when they encounter Lord Pearson, inventor of games and toys, searching for his vanished daughter... it becomes clear exactly who that being might be. Hide and seek is one of the simplest games devised by man... but in the hands of The Toymaker... it may also become the deadliest.

13.4 The Caged Assassin by Matthew Sweet (2 parts)
It's very unusual to find a tiger in the TARDIS. But it’s even more unusual to find one heavily dosed in radiation. But this is far from the most unusual occurrence the Doctor, Naomi and Harry are going to encounter today. Because they are about to meet Charles Jamrach, supplier of exotic animals to the rich and royal, who is unaware that his famous menagerie conceals a deadly terror. A strange creature out for blood...

13.5 Metamorphosis by Lisa McMullin (2 parts)
The people of the planet Jaxus are vanishing. When the Doctor and his friends land, Naomi is snatched away by a mysterious fog and taken to a prison run by a very old foe of the Doctor's. The Master is here and he has, as ever, a sinister scheme underway... but neither Naomi nor Harry know who he is... Can the Doctor stop his plans and rescue the prisoners? Or will his companions inadvertently aid his enemy's plans?


**Please note: the collector’s edition CD box set is strictly limited to 1,500 copies**


  • Tom Baker (The Doctor)
  • Christopher Naylor (Harry Sullivan)
  • Eleanor Crooks (Naomi Cross)
  • Annette Badland (Toymaker / Madame Bisset)
  • Geoffrey Beevers (The Master)
  • Nicholas Briggs (Padro)
  • Mark Gatiss (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
  • Isabella Inchbald (Alexa Wilding / Wombat Queen / Tom)
  • Glen McCready (Top the Wombat)
  • Michael Fenton Stevens (Charles Jamrach / Wombat Commodore)
  • Robbie Stevens (Lord Charles Pearson)
  • Venice Van Someren (Etta Pearson)
  • Lydia West (Cahlo)


  • Product Format: 3-disc CD (Jewel case slipcover)
  • Number of Discs: 3
  • Duration: 227 minutes