Unbound 1 - Auld Mortality- Big Finish Audio CD

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Unbound 1 - Auld Mortality- Big Finish Audio CD


What if...

the Doctor and Susan had never left Gallifrey?

In a marble mausoleum, deep in the cisterns beneath the Capitol, Gallifrey's favourite author faces his ultimate destiny.

Who is the woman who claims to be his grandaughter?

Who is the sepulchral figure in robes of night?

Which path should Hannibal's army take to Rome?

And on a snowy mountain high in the Alps, the Doctor remembers the ultimate question: What if he and Susan had ever left Gallifrey?

Written By: Marc Platt
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Geoffrey Bayldon (The Doctor); Carole Ann Ford (Susan); Derren Nesbitt (Ordinal-General Quences); Toby Longworth (Badger/Gaulish/Tribesman/Winston Churchill);Matthew Brenher (Hannibal); Ian Brooker (Surus); Nicholas Briggs (Gold Usher/Thalek Voices)

Number of Discs: 1