Sarah Jane Smith: Ghost Town 1.4 - Big Finish Audio CD

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Sarah Jane Smith: Ghost Town 1.4 - Big Finish Audio CD


Sarah and Josh set off for a well-deserved break in a remote Romanian village, hidden deep in the Carpathian Mountains. They're staying with Sarah's old friend, Yolande Benstead, a retired journalist and ex-pat who lives in an eerie mansion with no one but her mysterious manservant for company. By chance Sarah has arrived at an appropriate time - the village has become the setting for a top-secret International Peace Conference.
Sarah is awoken in the night by a terrifying apparition. Is it a ghost or just a figment of her imagination? What is that unbearable noise? And will the others believe her story?
But Miss Smith is not the only one who's had a fright. Conference delegates are being terrified too. Literally scared to death. Is there something curious about the old house or something deadly about the whole village? It's down to Sarah and Josh to piece together the mystery that surrounds this Ghost Town.

Written By: Rupert Laight
Directed By: Gary Russell


Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith); Jeremy James (Josh); Ingrid Evans(Yolande); Brian Miller (Abbotly); Robert Jezek (Jack McElroy); Elizabeth Faulkner(Candice McElroy); Mark Donovan (Professor Vodanski)