Mindgame - Reeltime Productions UK Imported DVD

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Mindgame - Reeltime Productions UK Imported DVD



Who kidnapped them and for what sinister reason?
And who will survive when they are forced to fight for their lives?
In this tense drama, Sophia Aldred (Ace in Doctor Who) stars alongside Miles Richardson (Downtime) and Toby Aspin (Shakedown) as two of Doctor Who’s favourite monsters finally meet.
The Sontarans appeared in four Doctor Who stories between 1973 and 1985 plus the 1994 spin-off Shakedown. The Draconians appeared in the 1973 Doctor Who story Frontier in Space.

Starring Sophie Aldred, Toby Aspin, Miles Richardson, Bryan Robson
Written by Terrance Dicks

Approx Length: 67 mins


UK Imported DVD - Plays on Region 1 (North America) Machines