Downtime - Reeltime Productions UK Imported DVD

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Downtime - Reeltime Productions UK Imported DVD


Fighting alone this time, without their famous time-travelling scientific advisor Sarah Jane Smith (Elisaveth Sladen - Doctor Who) and The Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney - Doctor Who) investigate the New World University; a sinister organisation seeminly run by another familiar face - Victoria Waterfield (Deborah Watlin - Doctor Who).

It's difficult to tell friend from foe as The Brigadier's old enemy The Great Intelligence returns to Earth in the guise of Professor Travers (Jack Watling - Doctor Who) and begins a new invasion attempt using the planet's own technology. But to win it must find the Locus that binds its's power. 

The Battle is on, as the Brigadier's own family is threatedned and UNIT faces a monstrous new breed of Yeti intent on destroying the Earth!

UK Imported DVD - Plays on Region 1 (North America) Machines