Dalek Empire: The Apocalypse Element Audio CD - Big Finish #11

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Dalek Empire: The Apocalypse Element Audio CD - Big Finish #11


When the planet Archetryx is threatened by a Dalek assault squad, the Doctor and Evelyn become embroiled in an ever-deepening mystery. What has become of President Romana, missing for twenty years? What lurks in the vast gravity wells of Archetryx? What is the secret of the ancient element the Daleks are synthesising - and how does Gallifrey feature in the plans?
The Doctor finds that if his oldest enemies cannot conquer the universe they will watch it go up in flames...

Written By: Stephen Cole
Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Colin Baker (The Doctor); Maggie Stables (Evelyn Smythe); Lalla Ward (Romana);Karen Henson (Moitor Trinkett); James Campbell (Assistant Monitor Ensac);Andrea Newland (Commander Vorna); Anthony Keetch (Coordinator Vansell);Toby Longworth (Monan Host); Michael Wade (The President); Alistair Lock (Dalek voices); Nicholas Briggs (Dalek voices); Andrew Fettes (Vrint / Captain Raldeth);Neil Corry (Alien Delegate)

Number of Discs: 2