Doctor Who BBC Books Series - SHORT TRIPS

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Doctor Who BBC Books Series - SHORT TRIPS

Short Trips 
edited by Stephen Cole

This is the first collection of Doctor Who short stories published by the BBC.



Model Train Set Jonathan Blum 8th Doctor
Old Flames Paul Magrs 4th Doctor and Sarah
War Crimes Simon Bucher-Jones 2nd Doctor, Jamie and Zoe
The Last Days Even Pritchard 1st Doctor, Susan Ian and Barbara
Stop the Pigeon Mike Tucker and Robert Perry 7th Doctor and Ace
Freedom Steve Lyons 3rd Doctor, Jo and UNIT
Glass Tara Samms 4th Doctor and Romana II
Mondas Passing Paul Grice Ben and Polly
There Are Fairies At the Bottom of My Garden Sam Lester 1st Doctor and Dodo
Mother's Little Helper Mathews Jones 2nd Doctor
The Parliament of Rats Daniel O'Mahony 5th Doctor and Nyssa
Rights Paul Grice 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane
Wish You Were Here Guy Clapperton 6th Doctor
Ace of Hearts Mike Tucker and Robert Perry  7th Doctor
The People's Temple Paul Leonard  8th Doctor and Sam