Doctor Who Adipose 10 Inch Plush Toy

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Doctor Who Adipose 10 Inch Plush Toy


  • TAKE YOUR FAT OUT OF THIS WORLD: Provoked by the Adipose Industries company who marketed a "weight loss pill," the Adipose creatures are cute marshmallow-shaped beings who create their own bodies from the fat of other creatures!

  • ADORABLE AND SOFT: Perfect for use as a pillow, stuffed animals for bedtime, and as everyday travel buddies, this Adipose plush doll is the cutest Doctor Who companion that anyone could ask for!

  • MADE FROM SQUISHY PLUSH: Fun to hold and better to cuddle up to, this Adipose is squishy and pillow-like! Standing at 10 inches tall, Adipose makes the perfect companion to binge watch Doctor Who with!