What are we up to?  Read about in our new blog!

What are we up to? Read about in our new blog!

Posted by Alien Entertainment Staff on Mar 1st 2017

We want to be more connected with our customers in 2017.  Instead of relying solely on our social media to deliver news to you, we will be also using our store's new blog!

Right now, we are hosting our blog on the Doctor Who Store site.  In the future, our blog will be hosted on our new and improved parent site, Alien Entertainment.  The parent site is still under construction, and we will let you know when the site is scheduled to be launched in all of its glory!  (Hint: It will be sooner than you think...)

What can you expect from us in the upcoming months?  We will be letting you know the conventions we're attending in the first half of 2017,giving you updates on our convention Chicago TARDIS, and providing details on all of our unique, newly available product - in store and online.  There will also be info about any Chicago area events we might be sponsoring. 

The new year is shaping up to be eventful for us.  We hope you'll follow us on this journey of expanding our product lines, event opportunities, and retail store improvement. 

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