Jodie Whittaker Showed Up to the TV BAFTAS and Took the Red Carpet By Storm

Jodie Whittaker Showed Up to the TV BAFTAS and Took the Red Carpet By Storm

Posted by Doctor Who Store Staff on May 14th 2018


(Source: WireImage)

Social media was abuzz yesterday as Jodie Whittaker hit the red carpet at Britain's BAFTA TV Awards.  Whittaker greeted her fans with excitement, signing autographs as she made her way through the media crowd. 


She stopped to talk to the BAFTA live stream presenter and discussed her progress within filming Doctor Who, saying that they were about "mid-way through" the completion of series 11.  Whittaker also admitted that filming such a high-profile TV show was "nerve-wracking but exciting and exhilarating" adding that "as an actor, there's no rules for this part."  We think that's exactly what makes Doctor Who such a stand out show among the never ending list of sci-fi TV.  

Whittaker is interviewed on the red carpet. (Source: YouTube)

Whittaker joined her new Doctor Who co-star Bradley Walsh in presenting the award for Best Drama Series, which went to Peaky Blinders.  Walsh provided fans with a unique moment of he and Whittaker backstage, shared via his Instagram.  You can see the clear comedic chemistry between the two in this short clip.  Between the pair fighting over the pronunciation of "BAFTA" to Walsh repeatedly shouting "The Doctor, The Doctor" as Whittaker giggles in response, it makes us eager to see how Thirteen and her new companion will get on in series 11.  


                                                                                                  Walsh and Whittaker backstage.  (Source: Instagram)

You can watch Whittaker's full Red Carpet interview over on the BAFTA YouTube channel.