BBC Doctor Who: TARDIS Knit Laplander Hat

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BBC Doctor Who: TARDIS Knit Laplander Hat

Keep your head warm, even on the coldest planets, with this BBC Doctor Who TARDIS Knit Laplander Hat.

Inspired by the Doctor's explorations through Time and Relative Dimension in Space, this lush acrylic knit hat features classic Laplander styling. The soft knit details the front windows of the TARDIS, along with the recognizable "Police Public Call Box" in bright white letters.

Crowning the top of this warm and whimsical hat is a fluffy pom pom measuring almost 3 inches in diameter.

When you're traveling to the Polar Mountains of Skaro, or even colder places on earth, keep your head warm with this TARDIS Knit Laplander Hat.